Brand Radar uses custom built social media listening tools and unique data analysis to monitor specific areas of business.
Combining this with Brand Radar’s own pattern recognition tools, we make predictions about movements in markets.
We are English language only at this stage.
There are a number of options for buying into our services and for using our tools under license.
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Here at Brand Radar we are using chatter on twitter to predict the stock market.

For the last 12 months or so this kind of analysis has become a hot topic. Lots of people are trying to do it and accuracy is improving. Brand Radar is using mass social media listening tools and a more sophisticated form of analysis to make judgments about impending stock market movements.

We have been using some of the tools and methods used by Cambridge mathematicians to analyse difficult data sets recently (Feb 2015).

Our method is currently in a second stage of development. It tracks the activities of NASDAQ listed technology companies in the microcap and nanocap sector. We funded the front end of the project entirely ourselves, and are now actively talking to investors to drive to the next level after gaining significant early results.

Previously these tools were only available to companies with many millions of pounds to invest, such as hedge funds and investment banks.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in enquiring about, feel free to contact us on info at